You Are What You Listen To & This Is What You Listen To

Mockups, Dev

The latest projects I did at Musimap were "You Are What You Listen To" and "This Is What You Listen To".

"You Are What You Listen To" is a tool which analyzes playlists and gives out personality profiles and other stats detected through our algorithm.

"This Is What You Listen To" does a similar analysis of a single song.

For that project, I was given full creative freedom. The soundwave was something I had wanted to implement for a long time and this was the perfect project for it.

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TEDx UCLouvain 2019

Graphic Design, Print, Dev, Video

2019 was my third and last year working alongside the TEDxUCLouvain team.

The theme of the conference was "Reshaping the Globe", addressing globalization, migration crises and the global eco-crisis among other subjects

Taking the theme literally, I proceded to build a cubic, voxel-like earth. From there, the entirety of the designed elements were naturally axed on the hexagonal shape built through the cube's perspective, as well as cubic and astronomical elements.

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In the Mood for Valentine

Mockups, Dev

At Musimap, we wanted to communicate around our algorithm's possibilities in a way that would catch people's attention.

I was tasked with creating a small webapp showcasing our products around a few lovesongs.

The app helped me to get more comfortable with D3.js which has been real useful in my daily job lately.

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Diva Around The World


For this project, I was asked to redesign a travelling blog.

The challenge was to be able to communicate with the client adventuring through South America.

I found out the best way to give her an idea of the interactions were small animations done in AfterEffects.

This, along with the overall project esthetics, forced me to get out of my comfort zone.


Logo Design, Print, Graphic Design

Tuuki hired me to create the company's brand identity.

I first worked on the logo design, and when this was finalized and a color scheme was selected by the client, I proceded with stationary designs and the business cards.

The logo is meant to be friendly yet serious, and the arrow built from the 'k' represents Tuuki's ability to help non-profits and NGOs work more efficiently.

Along with those, I also provided the client with various design elements for their social networks.


Logo Design, Print

Propulse hired me to create the company's brand identity.

Propulse is a young company working on event production and management, and their logo was meant to represent this dynamysm. The negative space in the O represents the spotlights often seen at scenic events.

I was also hired to design their business cards. Their request was to have a minimalist and modern card, with embossed and glossy black ink on black cardboard for that special modern aesthetic.

TEDx UCLouvain 2018

Dev, Graphic Design, Print, Video

2018 was my second year working alongside the TEDxUCLouvain team.

The theme of the conference was "From Binary to Infinity", addressing the multiple revolutions (print, digitization...) which had happened or are happening right now.

The main focus being the digital revolution and this idea of "infinite expansion", I centered the design of the website and the various print materials on the infinity symbol and basic concepts of the IT world.

The floorplans were designed as Printed Circuit Boards, the attendees nametags were stuck on old floppy disks and most design elements had some glitch effects or binary code hidden in the design.

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Het Kan Zonder Slogan

Wireframes, Dev

This project had me working alongside a graphic designer on a campaign website for the sp.a in the Flemish Brabant.

I was hired to design the wireframes and think of interactions, and then implement the designer's work into a responsive website.

It was a refreshing change of pace, as this was my first time implementing a video into a design and I really enjoyed seeing what a designer could come up with based on my wireframes.



Oasis is another project during which I had the chance to work alongside a great designer.

The challenge lied in managing to be as close as possible to the original design while making the entire website work within the framework's — OctoberCMS — limitations.

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During my internship, a collegue and I were tasked with building a crowdfunding platform for local endeavours.

While the campaigning page was fairly run of the mill, I took this opportunity to hone my skills on the onboarding process.

Although we didn't have the chance to implement those screens, it was a blast to try and make this often tedious process into something aesthetically more pleasing and friendly.

One of the challenges I set myself with that goal in mind was to make the entire onboarding into a story about the campaign the user would be creating, to make it more enjoyable.

Smart Flanders


I was tasked with developing a website and blog for the Smart Flanders project.

This project was a nice opportunity to work within a strict housestyle instead of implementing defined mockups.

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My name is Christophe Leroy, I'm a 28 years old frontend developer and graphic designer based in Brussels.

I love challenging projects, hard-to-put-down books, rewatchable movies, discovering music, the occasional glass of rum, Batman and lions. I really love lions.

I have a ridiculous sense of direction but I always find my way to a problem's solution.

Yes, I also love stupid jokes.

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